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Adhesive Superdry

Adhesive Superdry

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We are excited to launch an amazing new product – Ruthie Belle Adhesive Superdry. Its purpose is to accelerate adhesive setting time without irritating your clients’ eyes!

Super dry any lash adhesive (no matter the humidity/original curing time) in or under a second, depending on the amount of adhesive used. Now you can work in 15% humidity without having to struggle with adhesive curing!

How to use: Apply a small amount of Superdry onto lash extensions while they are still on the strip. Make any adhesive cure instantly. Re-apply when you feel that adhesive curing has slowed down.

Superdry works with all lash adhesives!


Regular speed-up solutions contain a lot of alcohol, making the adhesive more porous. Alcohol causes adhesives to emit more vapors which have proven to irritate clients’ eyes and makes glue release more fumes. This is not the case with Ruthie Belle’s Superdry.

SUPERDRY operates similarly to the concept of  Superbonder. It begins bonding existing cyanoacrylate fumes upon contact, thus making your adhesive less irritating to your clients. This product is super gentle and very efficient.

Are SuperDry, Glue Stop and SuperBonder compatible?

Yes, all these products may be used together. However, you wouldn’t typically use SuperDry and Glue Stop together since glue stop is mean to be used when the room humidity and temperatures are suitable for adhesive, but the fans still collapse.

Super dry is mean to be used when normal conditions wouldn’t allow an adhesive to work properly. Because SuperDry, cures the adhesive instantly, it makes it impossible for the adhesive to run and travel up the fans.

Glue Stop and SuperDry are meant to be used during the treatment of SuperBonder, 2 minutes after the set is finished and you can use SuperDry and Glue Stop in any order you want as once won’t affect the one’s efficiency.  Typically, you would apply SuperDry on the base of the extensions while they are still on the glue strip and apply Glue Stop 1 millimeter higher so that it stops the adhesive from traveling past the point where the Glue Stop is located.

Do I need SuperBonder if SuperDry starts bonding the fumes?

Yes, SuperDry starts bonding the fumes but does not completely seal them. Using SuperDry alone will not extend the adhesive retention by up to 30% and it won’t take away the sting when the client opens their eyes.  It merely accelerates the start of the drying process and removes the cyanoacrylate’s irritation during the treatment.