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Volume Lash Training

Volume Lash Training

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Are you experienced in Classic Lashes and looking to add on a new service to your menu? Then it's time you added Volume Specialist to your resume! 6 months Classic Lash experience is required to attend this course.  

Course Outline:

  • What are volume lashes
  • Different types of volume sets
  • Weight conversion
  • 2-6D Fan making using 3 different Techniques 
  • Hand made fans vs. Clusters
  • Perfect fan characteristics 
  • Proper pickup
  • How to gain speed without compromising your work
  • Fan base and angle of application
  • Angling of application 
  • Mastering inner & Outer corners
  • Troubleshooting fans
  • Contraindications
  • Safety and infection control
  • Disinfecting your tools
  • Allergies and irritation
  • Types of eyelash extensions
  • Lengths, curls and diameters
  • Proper attachment and direction control
  • Adhesive 101: shelf life, storage, amount
  • Retention
  • Eye shapes, styling, and Mapping
  • Cleansing lashes
  • Workplace set up
  • Application times and frequency
  • Consultation
  • Step by step application
  • Removing eyelash extensions
  • .. and MORE!!

Bonus Courses:


  • How to build a clientele and attract your ideal clients
  • Minset
  • Pricing strategies
  • How to build a clientele
  • Cancellation policy
  • Business and mindset
  • Social media
  • Photo taking and editing

Social Media

  • How to set up your business instagram
  • Marketing strategies
  • Brand identity

Photos & Editing

  • Best photo angels
  • iPhone photo settings
  • Lighting 101
  • Best photo editing apps

    Included In This Course:

    • Illustrated and detailed manual 
    • Training kit with quality products worth over $350 (could use for 15+ clients)
    • Live model practice
    • Discount on all Texas Lash Ladies products
    • Lifetime student support for questions, advice and feedback. 
    • Snacks, drinks, and lunch
    • Certificate of completion 

    Location: 104 Gallery Circle ste. 108 San Antonio, Tx 78258